Our approach to investing

DSA Investments is the principal investment division of the group. We partner with co-investors in our own transactions in managing the full transaction cycle from origination to execution, operating with complete discretion. We have significant proprietary deal flow. We do not operate funds with external capital. We deploy our own capital. Our investment philosophy is led by our permanent capital base, which helps us to remain flexible, progressive, and long-term oriented. We are ready to invest across various asset classes and industries, and throughout the entire capital structure of a company. Through our investments, we look to discovering great entrepreneurs solving real probiems that could have a lasting, positive impact on the world. And in every such investment, we treat the relationship as a long-term partnership. In addition to our direct investments, we co—invest with other investment firms, family offices, or management groups that share our philosophy on integrity and honesty, and our focus on providing long-term capital. Our goal in such partnerships is to proactively structure deals with clear, positive outcomes for both parties in mind. We are aiso always open to doing business with idea generators who can help us recognize potential new investments and business opportunities. We take pride in being efficient with both your time and ours by evaluating and responding with indications of interest promptly.