Swap of Polish FMCG
company into
4% of SABMiller.
$1,100,000,000 Equity Swap
& usage of derivatives
Neconde Energy
Nigeria based
oil production company
$1,200,000,000 Entry
& Exit + Debt finance
Sale of VW brands import
licenses for Poland to VW Group
€200,000,000Exit @ 10x return
for shareholder
Real estate in Asia,
ME & Europe.
Various entries and exits
San Leon Energy
AIM Listed
Lowest entry multiple.
Financial consultancy
Indian industrial family. Restructuring of assets
and strategy.
Financial consultancy

Saudi Arabian family
in GCC power sector.
Financial consultancy

We take charge of the project from first review through to execution.

We do more than just provide capital. We do business with people that we like, that value integrity and trust, and that share our common set of values. Then we work actively to build lasting relationships by offering advice and insights as well as dedicated in-house resources in finance, marketing, and operational strategy. We focus on three core areas in growing and creating value via representation:

Management Systems & Mentoring

We become active in hiring management and developing compensation structures We sit on committees and engage other shareholders to review management performance against strategic goals. DSA has a HR alliance which can engineers, healthcare support, finance technology professionals for developed and emerging markets.

Corporate Governance

All portfolio companies undergo forensic examination before investment. Ensuring that the correct balance of power is assigned to the board, shareholders and management.Financial governance defined by strict reporting with monthly management accounts fully reconciled. We also promote CSR/CSV programs where possible.


Capital Structure Optimization

DSA regularly meets with financial institutions to review the state of capital markets. In previous investments, DSA has owned the debt determination models and ran portfolio companies debt book, sourcing lenders. Despite how much we or the investor we represent admires the portfolio company or assets, we always look for possible exits.